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What to Wear for Paintball

What to Wear for Paintball

Paintball is an intense sport that can be played as either an individual activity or as a team. However, like most sports, paintball requires custom paintball products/ equipment to play. Paintball gear can be divided into three basic categories: offensive equipment, worn equipment, and field equipment. 

You have the attitude necessary to enter the field and begin a game of paintball, but what are you going to wear? What is not provided in the rentals that you should bring? Do clothing wash out paintball paint? Should I use a cup when playing paintball?

Paintball pellet injuries are not unusual. In fact, among paintball fans, they are a badge of honor The easiest method to prevent battle injuries is to wear protective gear, such as a paintball vest, throughout a game, even though getting a little hurt and bruised is all part of the excitement.

Wearing loose-fitting clothing, though, can also decrease the discomfort from a paintball shot if you’re unwilling to invest in a vest. Baggy jeans, long-sleeved sweaters, t-shirts, jackets, and even hoodies are examples of inexpensive paintball apparel. Additionally, you should wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty because paintball stains are notoriously challenging to get out!

Is paintball jerseys paint removed when cleaned?

It’s crucial to remember that none of the paint Paintball uses will leave stains on your clothes. We only use an eco-friendly, oil-free product that is created expressly to be removed from textiles. Therefore, you can wear whatever you like and wash it in your regular load of laundry to get it clean.

Regardless of whether this is your first, second, or hundredth time playing paintball, we want you to have a good time with us.

Our custom paintball jersey maker make certain you have everything you require for a fantastic paintballing experience!

Here is what you require.

Shoes. You must wear sturdy close-toed footwear. You’ll spend a lot of time moving about!

Paintball Jerseys/Pants. You may don a t-shirt and shorts! However, if you’re afraid about being shot. Wearing clothing that covers the skin is advised. Jeans, hoodies, custom paintball jerseys, etc.

This is what your rental plan includes.

Each gamer receives the upcoming gear when they buy a reservation.

  • An automated paintball gun
  • An Hover (Not the Sheriff from Stranger Things)
  • For starters, a few hundred paintballs
  • The free refillable air tank
  • A mask that hides the key features of your face. The lips, nose, ears, and eyes.

What a paintballs do for extra protection?

You still feel like you need a bit more safety, don’t you? However, if you’re looking for a little extra protection, we have gloves, chest protectors, and coveralls that you can rent or buy while at our field. Most groups feel perfectly protected in their own clothes, especially if you’re utilizing our Low-impact Equipment. Regardless of the equipment you’re wearing, we have referees on the field who are committed to keeping you safe.

Paintballs can hurt when they impact, so wear a chest protector. The plates or padding of a chest protector cushion and disperse the force of a paintball impact. Although they are not necessary, chest protectors are advised for players who approach their opponents closely.

A paintball to the throat is incredibly unusual, but it can result in life-threatening injuries. Wearing neck protection can lessen the risk.

Can a player dress thicker and Havier clothes?

Again, a lot of our customers dress in thicker sweaters to lessen the impact of the paintballs (even in the heat). Contrary to popular assumption, it is actually preferable to wear loose customizable paintball jerseys rather than padded apparel. This aids in slowing the ball down before impact. And boys, too. We’ll let you decide whether or not to wear a cup!

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