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Top Paintball Jerseys in 2023

Top Paintball Jerseys in 2023

HK Army Paintball jersey

It is a top-notch jersey made by a company that all paintballing communities like and love. There are a number of new features on the jersey that will not let down paintballs in the least.

All of the shirts are produced by hand and have lots of ventilation to allow your body to breathe while you play your favorite sport. To allow customers to make the appropriate choice, the company offers 5 different sizes.

The very flexible and water-resistant fabric of this custom paintball jersey makes it easier for the players to move around. The quality of this jersey warrants the somewhat higher price of this shirt despite being slightly more expensive than similar items.

To meet the needs of its clients, HK Army goes above and beyond. As a result, this model has features that are not included in the other jersey versions offered by the company.

  • Flexible high impact cushioning
  • Dual-layered
  • available in a variety of sizes

Combat Tactical Camo paintball jersey G3

All you need for your upcoming paintball game is this zipper jersey. The customizable paintball jersey is made of a softer, more elastic fabric that dries faster than other types of clothing.

The collar of the jersey has a zipper that may be fastened down or partially closed. On both sides of the shoulders, users can fasten armbands with Velcro. With the help of the Velcro modifications, wearers can also make the cuffs tighter.

When it comes to elbow pads, they are quite concealable and detachable. 3D stereo clipping is included with the jersey .

In addition to offering you the highest level of comfort and protection, this version makes you seem stylish and modern while you play.

  • Designed for Europeans and Americans and Asians
  • Available in three unique hues
  • Made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.
  • Waterproof

Paintball jersey with padded performance dyes.

In order to provide the greatest level of protection, the cheap paintball jersey has air foam over the chest, torso, and collarbone. On top of that, the jersey’s effective design does not restrict range of motion.

In order to help keep the body temperature stable on the hottest play days, the shirt’s fabric absorbs moisture and has pads strategically placed in various places.

Players all across the world have praised and given Dye Precision such favorable feedback that the company has been able to update their gear through in-depth study.

This Dye Precision variant is significantly better and has the most features compared to the other types. The jersey should ideally fit like a compression garment, therefore before buying it, consider the sizing chart.

Chest Protector for Empire Paintball BT

Because the Empire Paintball BT Chest protection series is so light, chest padding is not visible. By adding cushioning to the chest, back, shoulder, and outer arm—areas where you are most likely to be shot or experience pain—the jersey provides total core protection.

Its front, sides, and back are covered in thermos-formed density padding, which reduces the effect of heat and keeps the body ventilated. When it comes to paintball games, it is a contact sport that incorporates everything from sliding and diving to paintballs.

These unadorned paintball jerseys are made with a full sleeve and a lightweight design that ensures both comfort and durability. While other jerseys feature additional cushioning, Planet Eclipse has chosen to do without it in order to provide more airflow.

This, along with the ventilation and anti-snag material, make this series ideal for summer paintballing.

The greatest custom paintball jerseys include a comfortable neckline, ribbed cuffs, and are made of 100% polyester. The shirts for the players’ teams can also be personalized. Make sure the loose hook and loop are fastened before placing them in the machine. Otherwise, the jersey is prone to tearing.

Each paintball hit travels 300 feet in one second. Therefore, additional protection for vulnerable regions is needed to guarantee player comfort and safety.

  • full-core defence
  • Stretch panels that wick away moisture
  • Design of the pad positioning for comfort
  • outstanding design

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