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The Present-Day Paintball Jerseys that Matter

Skeleton Bones Unpadded Social Paintball SMPL Jersey

The Skeleton Bones Paintball shirt is made bu custom paintball jersey makers to the same exacting production standards as our professional and divisional team jerseys. A first in the industry full-back mesh, mesh on the sides and under the arms, thumb openings in the cuffs, and dazzling, non-fading dye sublimated graphics are all features of the unpadded SMPL jersey.


  • Social Paintball brand Pull-on style closure
  • Type of Sleeve: Long Sleeve
  • N/A Fabric Type

Care Directives: N/A

REASONS TO BUY + Anti-odor material 

  • + Thumb holes on the cuffs
  • + Illustrations of skeletons
  • + Fabric that breathes
  • + Long sleeves for extra defence


It might not be appropriate for some competitions.

The Social Paintball SMPL Skeleton Bones Jersey is for you and your team paintball jersey if you want a flashy jersey that will make you the centre of attention and chatter during the pre-games.

Digitally printed skeleton graphics that look sharp and resist the most rigorous activities are created using cutting-edge technology.

In addition, this paintball jersey is manufactured with anti-odor fabric, which will assist keep it from smelling after being worn for a while.

This jersey’s thumb holes in the cuffs, which provide you a snug fit for comfort, are another intriguing element.


the substance Rice fabric, raglan sleeves with cuffs, and a trapeze collar characterise the standard version. Drymax, a mesh material, is used for the side panels. Padding is absent from this style of jersey.

How Do You Style a Paintball Jersey?

T-Shirt: Wearing a t-shirt beneath your jersey is a classic trend that has endured since the 1990s.

Shirt: Depending on the colour scheme of the jersey you choose, you may want to layer a casual shirt over it.


  • Anti-Wrinkle
  • Lightweight, incredibly plush, and permeable
  • fast drying
  • 100% non-fading printing using sublimation
  • UPF 50 keeps you cool and comfortable all day long while shielding you from the sun’s UV rays.

BIYLACLESEN Performance Jersey for Men Men’s Performance Jersey by BIYLACLESEN


  • the BIYLACLESEN brand
  • Type of Closure: Button
  • Type of Sleeve: Long Sleeve
  • Fabric: 100 percent polyester

Reasons to Buy + Moisture-Wicking Fabric + Button Closure System + Care Instruction: Machine Wash

  • + Permeable
  • + Polyester is a plush and cosy material.
  • + Resilient

The BILYACLESEN custom paintball jerseys  are made for enthusiasts who require basic, comfy, long-lasting clothing with a dash of flare.

The split hem design at the bottom provides a loose fit and gives it a fashionable touch. If you want something understated and practical, this jersey is fantastic.

This shirt has a button-closure style, making it ideal for those who prefer not to use zippers. Additionally, the button-closure style will keep your shirt neatly tucked in and out of the way as you play.

Our men’s  customizable paintball jersey is lightweight and breathable for all-day comfort. Sweat is absorbed by moisture-wicking clothing, which keeps you cool and dry.

For optimal airflow and breathability, the side sections of this jersey are mesh-lined.

This is crucial for maintaining your body temperature at manageable levels so you can concentrate on the game.

To prevent fading after extended use, the images are produced utilising a sublimation technique. You get a tight athletic fit with the stretch ribbed cuff for maximum comfort.

For extra style, the right breast side Realtree logo has the Stag Arms logo printed on it.


Most paintball jersey you have laying around your house will match the camouflage pattern perfectly. No matter what you wear it with—casual or more formal—this highly stylish design looks terrific.

You will discover that it looks excellent and gives you a distinct style that makes you stand out from the rest of your pals, whether you want to wear it for an upcoming paintball game or just wear it casually during the week.

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