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Paintball Jerseys: The Real Story

As important to the game as the paintballs and guns used to fire them are the shirts worn by players. In terms of providing protection and preserving your composure while playing, the paintball jersey you choose can really make a difference. The top paintball jerseys fit like a second skin as you rush around the field taking out your adversaries.

With the aid of our advice, you can pick the ideal paintball jersey for you, taking into account factors like size and fabric. In order to assist you concentrate more on playing than fretting over what you’re wearing, we’ll also include examples of our three favourite paintball jerseys.

Selecting a Paintball Jersey

Size, material, padding, and style are the different categories for paintball jerseys. The easiest method to get a paintball shirt you’ll want to wear every time you play is to find the correct combination of all four.


Your top priority should be picking the appropriate size for your paintball jersey. If you need a little breathing room, a little additional material is OK, but if your jersey is too big, it could get in the way and hinder your ability to make a kill shot.

However, you also don’t want a too-small shirt. Tight paintball jerseys might restrict your movement, similar to too-small paintball gloves.

Your accuracy may suffer if you are unable to bend your arms in order to get into the ideal firing posture.

Sizing for custom paintball products isn’t just about comfort, though. Additionally, shots can hurt more when worn-in paintball jerseys. There is less obstruction between you and the paintball, which is important for close shots in particular. Choosing a paintball jersey that is too snug will just make life more difficult because it won’t allow you to move through the brush and sneak up on your opponents.

Jersey-like fabric

You will undoubtedly play paintball while beating the living daylights out of your paintball jersey. Because of this, you want equipment that is of the highest quality and composed of sturdy materials that can withstand contact with mud, sticks, shrubs, tree branches, and other objects as you hunt down your opponents.

The most prevalent custom paintball jersey materials are cotton and polyester. Cotton is a popular material choice since the best paintball jerseys are those that breathe as much as they can endure impact. For stretchability and breathability, you may also choose custom paintball jerseys made of a cotton and polyester blend. Materials that wick moisture are essential, especially for prolonged gameplay.

Customizable  Paintball jerseys with padding can completely transform the way your body performs. It depends more on positioning, so more padding isn’t always better. The best paintball jerseys support you where it’s needed without adding excessive bulk.


You may truly add some unique flair to your paintball shirt by changing its design. As friendly fire is never a nice thing, it’s also a technique for you to identify the members of your team.

Long or short sleeves are available on paintball shirts. A short sleeve paintball jersey is ideal for basic coverage, but if you’re playing in the winter or in a colder region, a long sleeve paintball shirt will keep you warm and offer greater protection.

The paintball jerseys that come with a set of matching pants are the best. These combo sets of  team paintball jersey pants give your appearance a tough finish so that everyone knows you mean business.


Sometimes trying on several is necessary to find the ideal paintball jersey. With more knowledge about paintball jerseys and how to choose one that works for your needs and preferences, you can be more equipped for your upcoming game. If you want to step up your game and let everyone know you’re a force to be reckoned with on the field, check out the many additional paintball jerseys we have to offer.

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