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Overview of the Empire Contact Zero F6 paintball jersey

Finally, we evaluate a jersey created by Empire. The model is known as the Contact Zero F6, and it has improvements that you never imagined a custom paintball jersey could have. It is constructed of a unique material called “Em-Dri,” which makes your shirt feel weightless and has excellent breathability so you don’t sweat quickly.

They concentrated on thermoregulation at Empire. Panels on the sides prevent sweat and heat from building up all over your upper body. Because of the improvements and the knowledge that they can trust whatever that Empire produces for clients, paintballers will adore it. This is a choice to take into account if you want to increase your performance while still looking stylish.

At Empire, we live by the maxim “always be inventing.” We strive throughout the year to offer our consumers the most cutting-edge paintball equipment, from our markers and goggles to our playing gear. We created a cutting-edge, specially engineered “Em-Dri” fabric for the Contact line last year, and we’re bringing it to the Contact Zero line this year.

The 2016 Empire Contact Zero paintball jersey combines the contact Em-Dri fabric with the contact zero lightweight breathable idea to create an unrivalled fusion of fashion and performance qualities for thermoregulation. Empire’s “Em-Dri” panels are engineered to account for the spatial distribution of heat and moisture to various body areas and to control airflow and moisture.

As a result, the Contact Zero F6 is the most at ease, light, and breathable paintball shirt on the market. You’re looking at the best paintball jersey, so stop looking around.


Jersey fabric is a common fabric in the clothing business. The Jersey Island in the English Channel is where this fabric is from. It was initially employed in the production of athletic uniforms. Since then, this fabric has advanced significantly. Its particular qualities, including as flexibility, suppleness, and durability, make this fabric one of the most popular choices among fashion brands. The fact that we can use jersey fabric for bed sheets, shirts, and other items shows how adaptable it is. There are many different types of jersey fabrics, including cotton jersey, polyester jersey, viscose jersey, etc. For fashion brands, choosing the right material is crucial and depends on the range of custom paintball product.


  • With “Em-Dri” panels from Empire precisely placed where you need passive cooling, the jersey is incredibly light and comfortable.
  • Ventilation holes were laser-cut and sealed. Like having air conditioning built in.
  • On your forearms, tuf-mesh elbows are abrasion resistant and breathable. The heat from wearing elbow protectors is enough; give those things some air!
  • Lycra-
  • Stretch the cuff and forearms to get a perfect fit over your elbow pads.
  • Your hands are shielded against paintballs and turf burn by an integrated Bio-foam lycra glove.
  • Totally NCPA Legal. Padding “0.”
  • lightest possible weight for ease of movement
  • Maximum mesh ventilation for greatest front-to-back airflow. The main body’s chest, back, and arms are entirely made of three different varieties of Empire mesh.
  • Bio-Foam For the best in protection and breathability, use the perforated clarion leather palm and padded cuffs.
  • a lot of cushioning for safety. Your forearms are made of abrasion-resistant nylon and have articulated Bio-foam shoulders.

Excellent protection, breathability, and light weight…

Excellent protection that is lightweight and breathable…

In order to keep you cool you need customizable paintball jerseys, comfortable, and unhindered during the season’s heat and humidity, the Empire FT Contact Zero jersey for 2014 is a lighter, less restrictive paintball jersey. The jersey’s ample mesh ventilation at the front and back promotes a tonne of air flow and aids in wicking perspiration away. No matter how light and breezy the jersey seems, the bio-foam shoulders and padded elbows combined with abrasion-resistant nylon make it incredibly durable.

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