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Are you unsure of what to wear for your first (or hundredth) paintball game? You should take into account a variety of clothing, particularly throughout the fall. Here is our helpful shopping advice to assist you in finding cosy, useful clothing for your upcoming game this Fall season!


Yes, covering up when you’ll be moving around could seem counterproductive, especially if the weather is warm. The fall season can occasionally be rather pleasant and other times be extremely cold. Wearing long sleeves and pants, however, will shield your skin from paint, which is nontoxic and safe but difficult to remove, and lessen the possibility of welts when paintballs strike unprotected skin.


Layer up with sweaters and sweatpants if the weather is quite cool to further lessen the effect paintballs will have on your body. We suggest bringing rain gear and mud gear if you prefer playing paintball in inclement weather.

Wear camouflage and go dark

Keep the all-white outfit for a later time. Dark colours not only assist you avoid being seen during a paintball game, but they also lessen discoloration. Although washable, paintball paint may require you to crawl through mud or grass, which will smear light-colored clothing. Wearing camouflage can help you avoid detection in the woods or other fields when your objective is to remain hidden from your adversaries.

Stay Free

Avoid wearing anything that would restrict your movement, such as tight-fitting clothing. Throughout the game, you want to remain as agile as you can.

Converse or boots

Choose comfortable walking shoes that you don’t mind getting soiled. Playing is best done while wearing boots because they are sturdy and suitable for rocky terrain.

Safety Is Crucial

Put on gloves to prevent hand welts and a hat or beanie to cover your head’s top. Of course, you should also always wear a set of safety glasses.

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How to Pick a Paintball Jersey

Size, material, padding, and style are used to categorise paintball jerseys. The key to finding a paintball shirt you’ll want to wear every time you play is finding the ideal balance of all four.


Paintball jerseys with padding can completely transform the way your body performs. Because positioning is more important, more cushioning may not always be preferable. The best paintball jerseys cushion you where you need it without adding excessive bulk.


Long or short sleeves are available for custom paintball jerseys. A short sleeve paintball jersey is great for basic coverage, but if you’re playing in the winter or in a colder region, a long sleeve paintball jersey will not only keep you warm but also provide more coverage.

How to Understand Paintball Jerseys

Paintball jerseys are an integral aspect of the game, much like the paintballs and guns used to fire them. When it comes to providing protection and helping you stay cool while playing, picking the appropriate paintball jersey may really make a difference. The greatest paintball shirts are so comfortable that they feel like a second skin while you race around the field taking down your adversaries.

Using our guide to selecting team paintball jersey, you can decide which one is best for you based on factors like size and material. In order to encourage you to concentrate on playing rather than fretting over what you’re wearing, we’ll also include examples of our three favourite paintball jerseys.


Finding the right Customizable paintball jersey occasionally requires trying on a few different ones. Knowing more about Custom paintball products and how to pick one that meets your needs and preferences will help you be more prepared for your upcoming game. Check out the numerous additional paintball shirts we have to let everyone know you’re a force to be reckoned with on the field.

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